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[widgetexplorer] Don't recurse into applet's containments

The intention of this code appears to be finding system tray applets, since the systemtray is a containment within another applet/containment

However the code causes an infinit recursion since we are calling addContainment on the same containment again

The recursion also is unnecessary since corona->containments() already lists the system tray containment, so we don't need to find it by recursing through the panel's children
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......@@ -280,10 +280,6 @@ void WidgetExplorerPrivate::addContainment(Containment *containment)
foreach (Applet *applet, containment->applets()) {
if (applet->pluginMetaData().isValid()) {
Containment *childContainment = applet->property("containment").value<Containment *>();
if (childContainment) {
} else {
qDebug() << "Invalid plugin metadata. :(";
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