Commit cc1f8881 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson
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Remove pointless widget

This appears in the main view and intercepts keys whilst doing nothing

BUG: 434910

(cherry picked from commit 3f76ff92)
parent dc57d322
......@@ -272,8 +272,7 @@ ConfigDialog::ConfigDialog(QWidget *parent, KConfigSkeleton *skeleton, const Kli
addPage(m_generalPage, i18nc("General Config", "General"), QStringLiteral("klipper"), i18n("General Configuration"));
addPage(m_actionsPage, i18nc("Actions Config", "Actions"), QStringLiteral("system-run"), i18n("Actions Configuration"));
QWidget *w = new QWidget(this);
m_shortcutsWidget = new KShortcutsEditor(collection, w, KShortcutsEditor::GlobalAction);
m_shortcutsWidget = new KShortcutsEditor(collection, this, KShortcutsEditor::GlobalAction);
addPage(m_shortcutsWidget, i18nc("Shortcuts Config", "Shortcuts"), QStringLiteral("preferences-desktop-keyboard"), i18n("Shortcuts Configuration"));
const KConfigGroup grp = KSharedConfig::openConfig()->group("ConfigDialog");
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