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Add some docs for Klipper

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......@@ -372,7 +372,13 @@ your clipboard contents are <filename>/home/phil/textfile</filename>,
the command <userinput><command>kwrite</command>
<filename>/home/phil/textfile</filename></userinput> will be run. To
include <token>%s</token> in the command line, escape it with a
backslash, as so: <userinput>\%s</userinput>.</para></listitem>
backslash, as so: <userinput>\%s</userinput>.</para>
<para>Entries <userinput><token>%0</token></userinput> through
<userinput><token>%9</token></userinput> will be replaced by the corresponding captured
texts from the match pattern.
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