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startkde: fix a condition error in `allServices`

`startsWith` in QStringList only checks if the first item is equal to
the value, which does not match the prefix.
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......@@ -55,25 +55,13 @@ void messageBox(const QString &text)
QStringList allServices(const QLatin1String &prefix)
QDBusConnectionInterface *bus = QDBusConnection::sessionBus().interface();
const QStringList services = bus->registeredServiceNames();
QMap<QString, QStringList> servicesWithAliases;
const QStringList services = QDBusConnection::sessionBus().interface()->registeredServiceNames();
QStringList names;
for (const QString &serviceName : services) {
QDBusReply<QString> reply = bus->serviceOwner(serviceName);
QString owner = reply;
if (owner.isEmpty())
owner = serviceName;
std::copy_if(services.cbegin(), services.cend(), std::back_inserter(names), [&prefix](const QString &serviceName) {
return serviceName.startsWith(prefix);
QStringList names;
for (auto it = servicesWithAliases.constBegin(); it != servicesWithAliases.constEnd(); ++it) {
if (it.value().startsWith(prefix))
names << it.value();
return names;
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