Commit d75bff14 authored by Alexander Lohnau's avatar Alexander Lohnau 💬
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Fix desktop actions for recently used applications

parent ba44b69a
......@@ -413,6 +413,14 @@ bool RecentUsageModel::trigger(int row, const QString &actionId, const QVariant
return false;
} else if (actionId == QLatin1String("_kicker_jumpListAction")) {
const QString storageId = sourceModel()->data(sourceModel()->index(row, 0), ResultModel::ResourceRole)
.toString().section(QLatin1Char(':'), 1);
KService::Ptr service = KService::serviceByStorageId(storageId);
KIO::ApplicationLauncherJob *job = new KIO::ApplicationLauncherJob(service);
return true;
} else if (withinBounds) {
const QString &resource = resourceAt(row);
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