Commit e00f5452 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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[kcms/lookandfeel] Remove unused Customize button

This button is left over from an earlier version of the new design and
is redundant with the sidebar list of child KCMs. It also doesn't work
properly (the menu doesn't stay open after the first click and the menu
items don't do anything)
parent f0416969
......@@ -88,36 +88,6 @@ KCM.GridViewKCM {
Item {
Layout.fillWidth: true
QtControls.Button { "configure"
text: i18n("Customize...")
QtControls.Menu {
id: customizeButton
x: 0
y: -height
QtControls.MenuItem { "preferences-desktop-color"
text: i18n("Colors")
onClicked: kcm.pushModule("kcm_colors")
QtControls.MenuItem { "preferences-desktop-icons"
text: i18n("Icons")
onClicked: kcm.pushModule("kcm_icons")
QtControls.MenuItem { "preferences-desktop-font"
text: i18n("Fonts")
onClicked: kcm.pushModule("kcm_fonts")
QtControls.MenuItem { "preferences-desktop-cursors"
text: i18n("Cursors")
onClicked: kcm.pushModule("kcm_cursortheme")
NewStuff.Button {
text: i18n("Get New Global Themes...")
configFile: "lookandfeel.knsrc"
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