Commit ec6f5b47 authored by Marco Martin's avatar Marco Martin
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add trailing shash only in case of absolute path

kpackage wants just the name if a plugin name is passed, when passing the absolute
path of a fodler, it wants the trailing slash

parent 9261ad6c
......@@ -81,10 +81,10 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
} else if (parser.isSet(_apply)) {
QString requestedTheme{parser.value(_apply)};
if (!requestedTheme.endsWith(QStringLiteral("/"))) {
// Just in case this isn't demarked as being a directory, let's just do that.
// There would be other ways of doing this, but they all feel a bit convoluted
// when this is all it really takes for our purposes.
QFileInfo info(requestedTheme);
// Check if the theme name passed validates as the absolute path for a folder
if (info.isDir()) {
// absolute paths need to be passed with trailing shash to KPackage
requestedTheme += QStringLiteral("/");
KPackage::Package p = KPackage::PackageLoader::self()->loadPackage("Plasma/LookAndFeel");
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