Commit f73c6b49 authored by Oleg Solovyov's avatar Oleg Solovyov 🐴
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Clean up "empty" mimeType containg only whitespaces

When mimeType == " " - KApplicationTrader tries to find out which
application should be used.

This is not what we want
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......@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@ bool RecentUsageModel::trigger(int row, const QString &actionId, const QVariant
// prevents using a service file that does not support opening a mime type for a file it created
// for instance a screenshot tool
if (!mimeType.isEmpty()) {
if (!mimeType.simplified().isEmpty()) {
if (!service->hasMimeType(mimeType)) {
// needs to find the application that supports this mimetype
service = KApplicationTrader::preferredService(mimeType);
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