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    • Bharadwaj Raju's avatar
      [applets/clipboard] Better keyboard navigation · 4644b9ec
      Bharadwaj Raju authored and Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham committed
      - Up/Down now ensures item is completely in view
      - Ctrl+F works
      - Tab/Shift+Tab events are no longer eaten by the search field
      - Tab/Shift+Tab now resolve to actions on the selected item first
      - Can use Escape key to go back from from QR code page
  10. 14 Aug, 2021 3 commits
  11. 06 Aug, 2021 1 commit
    • Nate Graham's avatar
      [applets/clipboard] Delete items with delete key · 8416e3de
      Nate Graham authored
      Pressing the delete key will now delete the highlighted list item under
      any of the following circumstances:
      1. A list item is selected and has focus
      2. A list item is selected and the search field has focus but it is
         empty or the insertion point is at the end of the string (in either
         case, pressing the delete key would otherwise do nothing)
      This allows quickly and easily deleting clipboard items using only the
      keyboard, including after using the search field to filter it down.
      BUG: 439174
      FIXED-IN: 5.78
  12. 25 May, 2021 1 commit
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  14. 05 Mar, 2021 1 commit
    • Nate Graham's avatar
      Port to singleton Units · 2f4b27fc
      Nate Graham authored
      The context property version is slower to access and won't be supported
      in Qt6. Let's port away from it and use the singleton version instead.
      Here was my full process for making this change:
      1. Made the change with `find . -name '*.qml' | xargs perl -pi -e 's/units\./PlasmaCore\.Units\./g'`
      2. Verified no more occurrences with `grep -r " units."`
      3. Made sure this didn't change any comments in a silly way by inspecting the output of `git diff | grep "+   " | grep "//"`
      4. Manually inspected the full git diff to make sure there were no other unintentional or silly changes (there were none)
      5. verified that all changed files have the PlasmaCore import with the correct name with `for FILE in `git status | grep modified | cut -d ":" -f 3`; do grep -q "as PlasmaCore" $FILE || echo "$FILE needs the PlasmaCore import"; done`
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    • Marco Martin's avatar
      put selection of which items are visible in a popup menu · bfe0f301
      Marco Martin authored
      the comboboix of a very rarely used feature right
      in the header area is super noisy, looks misaligned and puts the feature
      in a too much prominent role.
      Put everything under a popup menu, mustually exclusive actions will be
      shown as radiobuttons
  19. 21 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Nate Graham's avatar
      [applets/clipboard] Add visible Configure button · 73a8ee92
      Nate Graham authored
      Most of our other applets do this so their configuration window can be
      reached without having to right-click anything, which is especially
      important for touch. The Clipboard applet should too.
  20. 17 Aug, 2020 2 commits
  21. 23 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Nate Graham's avatar
      Begin porting to PlasmaComponents3 · f55b00fe
      Nate Graham authored
      This begins the process of porting plasma-workspace to PlasmaComponents3. At
      this point, only the relatively easy work is done. Every file not ported
      now has been given the reason for still using PC2 in a comment on the import
      line so you can see at a glance what the blocker is by running
      `grep -r "org.kde.plasma.components 2.0"` in the repo.
      Everything is tested and there are no breakages or functional regressions. In
      the process, a few unused imports are removed.
      Here are the remaining PC3 omissions blocking what's left from getting easily
      - No Highlight
      - No ListItem
      - No PageStack
      - No ContextMenu
      - No QueryDialog
      - No ModelContextMenu
      - TabBar has no left and right tab states
      - ToolButton has no built-in method to show a menu when clicked
  22. 29 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Kai Uwe Broulik's avatar
      [Clipboard Plasmoid] Port to Prison QML import · 7bd9bea0
      Kai Uwe Broulik authored
      Which does the rendering and proper sizing for us, e.g. ensure integer scaling so the barcode remains scannable.
      While at it, fix supportsBarcode (wasn't routed through to the delegate component when it was split out)
      and add Code 128 which is in Prison now.
      Also, show a label when the barcode would become too large to display (mostly for the 1D barcodes).
      The Prison item does not use a thread for generating the barcode like the dataengine does but it's super fast.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D29478
  23. 23 Apr, 2020 2 commits
  24. 16 Dec, 2019 1 commit
    • Piotr Henryk Dabrowski's avatar
      [Klipper] Fix clipboard history management · 423308f8
      Piotr Henryk Dabrowski authored and Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham committed
      Fixed clearing the clipboard when clearing history
      (bug #409366 caused by 3bd6ac34)
      Properly synchronize clipboard content and history
      (deleting last item in history didn't clear the clipboard).
      Keep last image in history even if we are ignoring images, but without preview
      (so that we can still clear history, and the tooltip says truth about clipboard content).
      Fixed tray icon tooltip text.
      Do not scale small images up in clipboard Plasmoid.
      BUG: 409366
      Test Plan:
      Spectacle -> [Copy to Clipboard]
      Paste into Dolphin (clipboard content)
      Deleting single items from clipboard
      Clearing the entire history
      Reviewers: #plasma, #plasma_workspaces, ngraham, davidedmundson
      Reviewed By: #plasma, #plasma_workspaces, ngraham, davidedmundson
      Subscribers: GB_2, davidre, plasma-devel
      Tags: #plasma
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D22684
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  27. 15 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • Nate Graham's avatar
      Use a broom-style icon for clearing clipboard and notification history · ad9ec635
      Nate Graham authored
      Summary: Use Breeze's new broom-style icon for the {nav Clear History} buttons in the Klipper and Notification plasmoids.
      Test Plan:
      With Frameworks 5.48, the broom-style icon will be shown:
      With an earlier Frameworks version or a different icon theme, a backspace-style icon will be displayed:
      Reviewers: broulik, Fuchs, #plasma, davidedmundson
      Reviewed By: Fuchs, #plasma, davidedmundson
      Subscribers: Zren, plasma-devel
      Tags: #plasma
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D14105
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