1. 10 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      [System Tray] Auto-scale icons and expose setting for number of rows/columns · 55ae651a
      Nate Graham authored
      Before Plasma 5.20, the system tray icons were always 22px in size and became
      multi-row/multi column as the panel increased in thickness.
      So far in the Plasma 5.20 development cycle, we have exposed the existing
      `iconSize` setting to the user to allow them to determine for themselves how
      big they want the icon to be, or whether to be multi-row/column.
      However this is not exposed very intuitively, as you have to already know that
      the icon size determines the number of rows/columns, or that the largest "Enormous"
      size produces an auto-scaling icon behavior. In other words, the UI reflects the
      implementation, rather than the user's expectation.
      This commit changes around the UI to more closely approximate what the user is
      likely to want to configure: the number of rows/columns. The new default setting
      is an "automatic" mode, which approximates the 5.19 and earlier behavior whereby
      the system tray switches to a two-row/column view when the panel becomes thick
      enough. In addition, users can now force it to always display one or two rows/
      A major difference is that no matter which setting is set, icons now always
      expand to fill the available space, which brings them in line with the margins
      used for other Panel widgets.
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    • Alexander Kandaurov's avatar
      Notify of screen geometry changes only after DesktopView has updated · 7852de5e
      Alexander Kandaurov authored
      Currently updating the DesktopView geometry and emitting signals notifying of changes to screen geometry are connected independently to QScreen::geometryChanged(), while screenGeometry() as well as availableScreenRect() and availableScreenRegion() depend on the DesktopView geometry. The incorrect order of slots being called causes the task manager to behave incorrectly on screen configuration changes, displaying either no windows or windows from a wrong screen. This also affects the desktop pager widget when configured to show the current desktop only.
      BUG: 373075
    • Konrad Materka's avatar
      [applets/systemtray] Remove unneeded SNI roles · a9cc8508
      Konrad Materka authored
      SystemTray model copies are SNI roles from DataEngine, but some of them
      are redundant and useless.
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    • David Edmundson's avatar
      [startkde] Block plasma-session exiting until startup sound completes · e76a1395
      David Edmundson authored
      The initial comment about disabling quitLock is deprecated since we
      added a QCoreApplication around the startup.
      We can then use Qt's mechanism to delay application exit till the
      notification thread finishes.
      This presumably has been a bug for a while, but noticable in 5.19 after
      even more startup performance improvements.
      BUG: 422948
      (cherry picked from commit ef4b8486)
    • Konrad Materka's avatar
      [applets/systemtray] Fix context menu misplaced · c3254912
      Konrad Materka authored
      For SNI icons menu is imported from DBus. If during import it is
      changed, for example some actions added or replaced, new actions are
      added, but old one are only marked for removal in next event loop run.
      As a result menu size is too big until delereLater takes effect.
      Queue connection, so that Qt will have a chance to delete menu entires
      before menu is used.
      BUG: 421275
      FIXED-IN: 5.20
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