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Commit 0885170d authored by Anthony Fieroni's avatar Anthony Fieroni

[systemtray] Workaround component creation

CCBUG: 390890

Differential Revision: Anthony Fieroni's avatarAnthony Fieroni <>
parent 3fa868a7
......@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@ MouseArea {
property alias statusNotifierModel: statusNotifierModel
property Component plasmoidItemComponent
// workaround /
property Component plasmoidItemComponent: Qt.createComponent("items/PlasmoidItem.qml")
Plasmoid.onExpandedChanged: {
if (!plasmoid.expanded) {
......@@ -102,9 +103,6 @@ MouseArea {
Containment.onAppletAdded: {
if (!plasmoidItemComponent) {
plasmoidItemComponent = Qt.createComponent("items/PlasmoidItem.qml");
//Allow the plasmoid expander to know in what window it will be
var plasmoidContainer = plasmoidItemComponent.createObject(invisibleEntriesContainer, {"x": x, "y": y, "applet": applet});
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