Commit 21e56d17 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson
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Extra force Plasma telemetry off by default

Original intention was that we would be globally off by default.
When enabling it would have a default setting for Plasma ready

That doesn't quite work out just yet.

See bug for details

This is a precautionary temporary fix just to be extra safe

CCBUG: 412913
parent 0ce5aa89
......@@ -53,10 +53,11 @@ Feedback::~Feedback() = default;
void Feedback::load()
KUserFeedback::Provider p;
setFeedbackEnabled(m_globalConfig->group("UserFeedback").readEntry("Enabled", false));
setFeedbackEnabled(m_globalConfig->group("UserFeedback").readEntry("Enabled", p.isEnabled()));
setPlasmaFeedbackLevel(m_plasmaConfig->group("Global").readEntry("FeedbackLevel", int(KUserFeedback::Provider::BasicUsageStatistics)));
// See 412913. global killswitch is off by default, therefore globally we're enabled by default :/
// default to Plama off by default until that situation is resolved to be double sure no user accidentally sends anything
setPlasmaFeedbackLevel(m_plasmaConfig->group("Global").readEntry("FeedbackLevel", int(KUserFeedback::Provider::NoTelemetry)));
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