Commit 2f111a7d authored by Nerdopolis Turfwalker's avatar Nerdopolis Turfwalker
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Tweak description for appmenu, as it does not have to be in the top panel

parent 356d4686
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ Name[uk]=Загальне меню
Name[x-test]=xxGlobal Menuxx
Comment=Global menubar on top of the screen
Comment=Global menubar in your Plasma Desktop
Comment[ar]=شريط القوائم العموميّ أعلى الشّاشة
Comment[az]=Ekranın yuxarı hissəsində tətbiqlərin qlobal menyusu
Comment[ca]=Barra de menús global a la part superior de la pantalla
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