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Rename Web Shortcuts runner to Web Search keywords

This is being done for the KCM itself in frameworks/kio!103 (comment 89627)
So the name needs to be changed here too if that lands.

While we're at it, let's also improve the comment.
parent a7b49bec
[Desktop Entry]
# ctxt: plasma runner
Name=Web Shortcuts
Name=Web Search Keywords
Name[ar]=اختصارات الوِب
Name[ast]=Atayos web
Name[az]=Veb Qısayolları
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ Name[wa]=Rascourtis waibe
Name[x-test]=xxWeb Shortcutsxx
Comment=Allows user to use Konqueror's web shortcuts
Comment=Search the web using keywords
Comment[ar]=يسمح للمستخدِم باستخدام اختصارات كنكر للوِب
Comment[ast]=Permite al usuariu qu'use los atayos web de Konqueror
Comment[az]=İstifadəçiyə Konqueror-in veb qısayollarını istifadə etməyə imkan verir
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