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Commit 5668ff05 authored by Jiri Bohac's avatar Jiri Bohac Committed by Albert Astals Cid

digital-clock: Update iso-3166 codes in timezones

Update the list of country names to the current names in iso-codes
(as output by isoquery -c).

The motivation is updating the name of Czechia as a followup to
As suggested by Albert Astals Cid, fixing the name in i10n is not
country names are hardcoded in many places and they need to be fixed

REVIEW: 129691
parent e73d40fd
......@@ -528,7 +528,7 @@ void TimezonesI18n::init()
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Gambia, "Gambia"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(GuineaBissau, "Guinea-Bissau"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Malawi, "Malawi"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(CongoBrazzaville, "Republic of the Congo"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(CongoBrazzaville, "Congo"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Burundi, "Burundi"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Egypt, "Egypt"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Morocco, "Morocco"),
......@@ -541,6 +541,7 @@ void TimezonesI18n::init()
ENTRY_ISO_3166(WesternSahara, "Western Sahara"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(SierraLeone, "Sierra Leone"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Botswana, "Botswana"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(BouvetIsland, "Bouvet Island"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Zimbabwe, "Zimbabwe"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(SouthAfrica, "South Africa"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(SouthSudan, "South Sudan"),
......@@ -611,6 +612,7 @@ void TimezonesI18n::init()
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Panama, "Panama"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Suriname, "Suriname"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Haiti, "Haiti"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(HeardAndMcDonaldIslands, "Heard Island and McDonald Islands"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(TrinidadAndTobago, "Trinidad and Tobago"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(PuertoRico, "Puerto Rico"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Chile, "Chile"),
......@@ -712,7 +714,7 @@ void TimezonesI18n::init()
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Norway, "Norway"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(France, "France"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Montenegro, "Montenegro"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(CzechRepublic, "Czech Republic"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(CzechRepublic, "Czechia"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Latvia, "Latvia"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(Italy, "Italy"),
ENTRY_ISO_3166(SanMarino, "San Marino"),
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