Commit 6d16583e authored by Eike Hein's avatar Eike Hein

Useful error output when shell loading is aborted due to kactivitymanagerd not being activatable

Ran into this gotcha the other day, and it was impossible to resolve
without code debugging.

Reviewers: #plasma, bshah

Subscribers: plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent ec7f62b7
......@@ -639,9 +639,14 @@ QString ShellCorona::shell() const
void ShellCorona::load()
if (m_shell.isEmpty() ||
(m_activityController->serviceStatus() != KActivities::Controller::Running &&
!qApp->property("org.kde.KActivities.core.disableAutostart").toBool())) {
if (m_shell.isEmpty()) {
if (m_activityController->serviceStatus() != KActivities::Controller::Running &&
!qApp->property("org.kde.KActivities.core.disableAutostart").toBool()) {
qWarning("Aborting shell load: The activity manager daemon (kactivitymanagerd) is not running.");
qWarning("If this Plasma has been installed into a custom prefix, verify that its D-Bus services dir is known to the system for the daemon to be activatable.");
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