Commit 73ff80d1 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson

Remove non-existing connect

As the note says, this won't happen so the API for it got removed.
parent 0e5d7d52
......@@ -282,20 +282,6 @@ void WaylandTasksModel::Private::addWindow(KWayland::Client::PlasmaWindow *windo
QObject::connect(window, &KWayland::Client::PlasmaWindow::skipTaskbarChanged, q,
[window, this] { this->dataChanged(window, SkipTaskbar); }
// NOTE: The pid will never actually change on a real system. But if it ever did ...
QObject::connect(window, &KWayland::Client::PlasmaWindow::pidChanged, q,
[window, this] {
// The AppData struct in the cache is derived from this and needs
// to be evicted in favor of a fresh struct based on the changed
// window metadata.
// Refresh roles satisfied from the app data cache.
this->dataChanged(window, QVector<int>{AppId, AppName, GenericName,
LauncherUrl, LauncherUrlWithoutIcon});
AppData WaylandTasksModel::Private::appData(KWayland::Client::PlasmaWindow *window)
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