Commit 774a23fc authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🌼

fix attachment signals

Signals did not get changed for Qt5 porting but no one ever noticed because
they were still in stringy runtime eval syntax :S
Using proper signals to connect to fixes attaching a new backtrace to
an existing bug.
Backport of fix from D6161.

CHANGELOG: Make attaching backtraces to existing bug reports work
parent 67904e21
......@@ -900,8 +900,10 @@ BugzillaReportConfirmationDialog::BugzillaReportConfirmationDialog(int bugNumber
"and close the dialog", "Continue"));
connect(this, SIGNAL(okClicked()) , this, SLOT(proceedClicked()));
connect(this, SIGNAL(cancelClicked()) , this, SLOT(hide()));
connect(this, &BugzillaReportConfirmationDialog::accepted,
this, &BugzillaReportConfirmationDialog::proceedClicked);
connect(this, &BugzillaReportConfirmationDialog::rejected,
this, &BugzillaReportConfirmationDialog::hide);
//Set introduction text
ui.introLabel->setText(i18n("You are going to mark your crash as related to bug %1",
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