[weather dataengine]: bbc: fix description, UK MET no longer the data provider

Have to keep "bbcukmet" as engine id though, mapping to a new "correct" id
would be too complex for no UI gain
parent e7d6796a
[Desktop Entry]
Name=BBC Weather from UK MET Office
Name=BBC Weather
Name[ar]=بي.بي.سي لأحوال الطقس من مكتب الأرصاد الجويّة البريطاني
Name[be@latin]=Nadvorje „BBC” ad „UK MET Office”
Name[bg]=Време от BBC (офис UK MET)
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ Name[wa]=Tins ki fwait BBC do UK MET Office
Name[x-test]=xxBBC Weather from UK MET Officexx
Name[zh_CN]=英国气象局提供的 BBC 天气报告
Name[zh_TW]=BBC 天氣報告,從 UK MET 辦公室來
Comment=XML Data from the UK MET Office
Comment=XML Data from the British Broadcasting Corporation
Comment[ar]=بيانات XML من مكتب MET البريطاني
Comment[be@latin]=Źviestki ŭ farmacie „XML” ad „UK MET Office”
Comment[bg]=XML данни от UK MET
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