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[Klipper] Upate the klipper docbook after porting to QRegularExpression

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......@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@
<releaseinfo>Plasma 5.4</releaseinfo>
<releaseinfo>Plasma 5.19</releaseinfo>
<para>&klipper; is the &plasma; clipboard cut &amp; paste utility.</para>
......@@ -382,18 +382,16 @@ expression text can be edited as you wish.</para></listitem>
<term>Adding Expressions/Actions</term>
<listitem><para>Click the <guibutton>Add Action...</guibutton> button
to add a regular expression for &klipper; to match. &klipper; uses
&Qt;'s <classname>QRegExp</classname>, which understands most regular
expressions as you would use in <application>grep</application> or
<application>egrep</application> for instance.</para>
&Qt;'s <classname>QRegularExpression</classname>, which uses PCRE (Perl
Compatible Regular Expressions).</para>
<para>You can add a description of the regular expression type (&eg;
<quote>HTTP URL</quote>) by <mousebutton>left</mousebutton> clicking in the
<guilabel>Description</guilabel> column.</para>
<note><para>You can find detailed information about the use of
<classname>QRegExp</classname> regular expressions at <ulink
Note that &klipper; does not support the wildcard mode mentioned on this
<classname>QRegularExpression</classname> regular expressions in <ulink
url="">the Qt upstream
<para>Edit the regular expression as described above. To add a command
to execute, click <guimenuitem>Add Command</guimenuitem> and edit the command
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