Commit ab47422c authored by Thomas Surrel's avatar Thomas Surrel

[Device Notifier] Fix transition animation

In the specific case of having the device notifier opened
and inserting a device that has been configured to be
automatically mounted, the transition animation could be
interrupted resulting in the opacity being wrong.

Test Plan:
In the setup discribed in the summary, you should never
see something like the attached screenshot where the list
of action opacity is not 1.


for more information.

Reviewers: #plasma, #vdg, ngraham, davidedmundson

Reviewed By: #plasma, #vdg, ngraham, davidedmundson

Subscribers: broulik, davidedmundson, ngraham, plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent ad34212a
......@@ -188,6 +188,8 @@ MouseArea {
move: Transition {
NumberAnimation { property: "y"; duration: units.longDuration; easing.type: Easing.InOutQuad }
// ensure opacity values return to 1.0 if the add transition animation has been interrupted
NumberAnimation { property: "opacity"; to: 1.0 }
add: Transition {
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