Commit b636324b authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🌼

replace static sleep with a retry mechanic

less useless waiting, more useful waiting
parent c2ae4c75
......@@ -109,15 +109,12 @@ class TestDuplicateAttach < ATSPITest
@tracee = fork { loop { sleep(999_999_999) } }
assert File.exist?(DRKONQI_PATH), "drkonqi not at #{DRKONQI_PATH}"
# Will die with our Xephyr in case of errors.
pid = spawn(DRKONQI_PATH,
'--signal', '11',
'--pid', @tracee.to_s,
'--bugaddress', '',
sleep 4 # Grace to give time to appear on at-spi
assert_nil Process.waitpid(pid, Process::WNOHANG),
'drkonqi failed to start or died'
@drkonqi_pid = spawn(DRKONQI_PATH,
'--signal', '11',
'--pid', @tracee.to_s,
'--bugaddress', '',
puts "pid: #{@drkonqi_pid}"
class ProcInfo
......@@ -205,11 +202,22 @@ class TestDuplicateAttach < ATSPITest
def drkonqi_running?
Process.waitpid(@drkonqi_pid, Process::WNOHANG).nil?
# When evaluating duplicates
def test_duplicate_attach
drkonqi = ATSPI.desktops[0].applications.find { |x| == 'drkonqi' }
drkonqi = nil
8.times do # be gracious for drkonqi to come up an atspi
drkonqi = ATSPI.desktops[0].applications.find { |x| == 'drkonqi' }
break if drkonqi
sleep 2
refute_nil drkonqi, 'Could not find drkonqi on atspi api.' \
' Maybe drkonqi is not running (anymore)?'
" It is running: #{drkonqi_running?}"
accessible = find_in([-1], name: 'Report Bug')
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