Commit ce920603 authored by Alexander Lohnau's avatar Alexander Lohnau 💬
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Fix undetected KPackage installation

This was the last occurrence that didn't get ported/detected.
Because of that the updating did not work and uninstalling
an entry using the "Widget Explorer" did not work.

BUG: 423055
BUG: 424429
FIXED-IN: 5.20
parent ddb82b7a
......@@ -50,5 +50,5 @@ Name[zh_TW]=Plasma 元件
Categories=Plasma 5 Plasmoid
InstallationCommand=kpackagetool5 --install %f --type Plasma/Applet
UninstallCommand=kpackagetool5 --remove %f --type Plasma/Applet
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