Commit d02f03f4 authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure Committed by Fabian Vogt

Fix compilation with current cmake (git branch release).

I don't see what the private/ in front of the moc_ filenames was for anyway.
parent 70234987
......@@ -243,4 +243,4 @@ void ContainmentConfigView::syncWallpaperObjects()
m_currentWallpaperConfig = static_cast<KDeclarative::ConfigPropertyMap *>(wallpaperGraphicsObject->property("configuration").value<QObject *>());
#include "private/moc_containmentconfigview.cpp"
#include "moc_containmentconfigview.cpp"
......@@ -266,4 +266,4 @@ void CurrentContainmentActionsModel::save()
#include "private/moc_currentcontainmentactionsmodel.cpp"
#include "moc_currentcontainmentactionsmodel.cpp"
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