Commit d492dc57 authored by Jan Kundrát's avatar Jan Kundrát Committed by David Edmundson

Prefer an algorithm over an explicit for loop

Differential Revision:
parent 11cd37ab
......@@ -828,11 +828,10 @@ int Core::currentChargePercent() const
void Core::onResumingFromIdle()
// Wake up the actions in which an idle action was triggered
auto i = m_pendingResumeFromIdleActions.begin();
while (i != m_pendingResumeFromIdleActions.end()) {
i = m_pendingResumeFromIdleActions.erase(i);
std::for_each(m_pendingResumeFromIdleActions.cbegin(), m_pendingResumeFromIdleActions.cend(),
void Core::onNotificationTimeout()
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