Commit fad8ac42 authored by David Rosca's avatar David Rosca

Only send low peripheral battery notification when in discharging state

Otherwise this notification is sent when connecting devices
with "unknown" battery state (State = 0 in upower).

Differential Revision:
parent 899e5f38
......@@ -514,7 +514,7 @@ bool Core::emitBatteryChargePercentNotification(int currentPercent, int previous
if (b && !b->isPowerSupply()) {
// if you leave the device out of reach or it has not been initialized yet
// it won't be "there" and report 0%, don't show anything in this case
if (!b->isPresent()) {
if (!b->isPresent() || b->chargeState() != Battery::Discharging) {
return false;
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