Commit 412643aa authored by Noah Davis's avatar Noah Davis 🌵
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[Slider] Remove inset

Qt QQC2 styles don't use inset even though it's the idiomatic way to
shrink the background in QQC2 components. Trying to use inset makes
things more complicated for now.
parent c92f3ac6
......@@ -20,18 +20,6 @@ T.Slider {
padding: Kirigami.Settings.tabletMode ? Kirigami.Units.mediumSpacing : 0
property bool __hasHandle: Boolean(control.handle)
property real __preInset: Math.max(
(__hasHandle ?
handle.width : Kirigami.Units.inlineControlHeight) - implicitBackgroundWidth,
(__hasHandle ?
handle.height : Kirigami.Units.inlineControlHeight) - implicitBackgroundHeight
leftInset: __preInset + leftPadding
rightInset: __preInset + rightPadding
topInset: __preInset + topPadding
bottomInset: __preInset + bottomPadding
handle: SliderHandle {
control: control
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