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[TextField] ceil implicit content width, remove unnecessary property, don't...

[TextField] ceil implicit content width, remove unnecessary property, don't inherit if background visible
parent 5d00168a
......@@ -19,19 +19,17 @@ T.TextField {
implicitWidth: implicitBackgroundWidth + leftInset + rightInset
|| Math.max(contentWidth, placeholder.implicitWidth) + leftPadding + rightPadding
|| Math.ceil(Math.max(contentWidth, placeholder.implicitWidth)) + leftPadding + rightPadding
implicitHeight: Math.max(implicitBackgroundHeight + topInset + bottomInset,
contentHeight + topPadding + bottomPadding,
placeholder.implicitHeight + topPadding + bottomPadding)
property real horizontalPadding: Kirigami.Units.mediumHorizontalPadding
padding: Kirigami.Units.mediumSpacing
leftPadding: horizontalPadding
rightPadding: horizontalPadding
leftPadding: Kirigami.Units.mediumHorizontalPadding
rightPadding: Kirigami.Units.mediumHorizontalPadding
palette: Kirigami.Theme.palette
Kirigami.Theme.colorSet: Kirigami.Theme.View
Kirigami.Theme.inherit: background == null
Kirigami.Theme.inherit: !background || !background.visible
color: Kirigami.Theme.textColor
selectionColor: Kirigami.Theme.highlightColor
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