Commit 36eecddb authored by Jonas Eymann's avatar Jonas Eymann Committed by Nate Graham
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RemoteDesktopDialog: fix "withTouch" property mismatch

In RemoteDesktopDialog.qml, the property is called "withTouch".
Due to the mismatch, the whole dialog was not displayed as the property
could not be set.
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......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ RemoteDesktopDialog::RemoteDesktopDialog(const QString &appName,
{"withMultipleScreenSharing", multiple},
{"withKeyboard", deviceTypes.testFlag(RemoteDesktopPortal::Keyboard)},
{"withPointer", deviceTypes.testFlag(RemoteDesktopPortal::Pointer)},
{"withTouchScreen", deviceTypes.testFlag(RemoteDesktopPortal::TouchScreen)},
{"withTouch", deviceTypes.testFlag(RemoteDesktopPortal::TouchScreen)},
const QString applicationName = Utils::applicationName(appName);
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ RemoteDesktopPortal::DeviceTypes RemoteDesktopDialog::deviceTypes() const
types |= RemoteDesktopPortal::Keyboard;
if (m_theDialog->property("withPointer").toBool())
types |= RemoteDesktopPortal::Pointer;
if (m_theDialog->property("withTouchScreen").toBool())
if (m_theDialog->property("withTouch").toBool())
types |= RemoteDesktopPortal::TouchScreen;
return types;
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