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[screencast] Fall back to monitor if no type is given

Otherwise we either 1) hit an assert or 2) don't enable any types

The spec says types defaults to monitor

BUG: 450206
(cherry picked from commit 2ba5e31a)
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......@@ -169,6 +169,10 @@ void ScreenCastSession::setOptions(const QVariantMap &options)
m_multipleSources = options.value(QStringLiteral("multiple")).toBool();
m_cursorMode = ScreenCastPortal::CursorModes(options.value(QStringLiteral("cursor_mode")).toUInt());
m_types = ScreenCastPortal::SourceType(options.value(QStringLiteral("types")).toUInt());
if (m_types == 0) {
m_types = ScreenCastPortal::Monitor;
RemoteDesktopSession::RemoteDesktopSession(QObject *parent, const QString &appId, const QString &path)
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