Commit 4d1df4e2 authored by Jan Grulich's avatar Jan Grulich

Allow some portals to run only on Plasma sessions

They depend on KWin and will not run on Gnome or other desktops
parent 73f22438
......@@ -37,15 +37,16 @@ DesktopPortal::DesktopPortal(QObject *parent)
, m_inhibit(new InhibitPortal(this))
, m_notification(new NotificationPortal(this))
, m_print(new PrintPortal(this))
, m_screenCast(new ScreenCastPortal(this))
, m_remoteDesktop(new RemoteDesktopPortal(this))
, m_screenshot(new ScreenshotPortal(this))
, m_settings(new SettingsPortal(this))
const QByteArray xdgCurrentDesktop = qgetenv("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP").toUpper();
if (xdgCurrentDesktop == "KDE") {
m_screenshot = new ScreenshotPortal(this);
m_screenCast = new ScreenCastPortal(this);
m_remoteDesktop = new RemoteDesktopPortal(this);
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