Commit d1f0ec4d authored by Jan Grulich's avatar Jan Grulich

Screensharing: support variable stride

Summary: We were ignoring stride higher than stride calculated as width * bpp, which I assumed will always be the case, but it turns out that some drivers might use bigger stride, which might be width * bpp + some additional padding.

Test Plan: All current clients still work and also we now support bigger stride we get from gbm_bo.

Reviewers: #plasma, cblack

Reviewed By: #plasma, cblack

Subscribers: plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent e18d6426
......@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ void ScreenCastStream::onStreamFormatChanged(void *data, const struct spa_pod *f
SPA_PARAM_BUFFERS_stride, SPA_POD_Int(stride),
SPA_PARAM_BUFFERS_stride, SPA_POD_CHOICE_RANGE_Int(stride, stride, INT32_MAX),
pw_stream_update_params(pw->pwStream, params, 1);
......@@ -532,12 +532,22 @@ bool ScreenCastStream::recordFrame(gbm_bo *bo, quint32 width, quint32 height, qu
return false;
const quint32 destStride = SPA_ROUND_UP_N(videoFormat.size.width * BITS_PER_PIXEL, 4);
const quint32 destSize = BITS_PER_PIXEL * width * height * sizeof(uint8_t);
const quint32 srcSize = spa_buffer->datas[0].maxsize;
if (destSize != srcSize || stride != destStride) {
qCWarning(XdgDesktopPortalKdeScreenCastStream) << "Failed to record frame: different stride";
quint32 streamStride;
const quint32 minStride = SPA_ROUND_UP_N(videoFormat.size.width * BITS_PER_PIXEL, 4);
const quint32 minSrcSize = height * minStride;
const quint32 srcSize = height * stride;
const quint32 destSize = spa_buffer->datas[0].maxsize;
// If we can fit source into the pipewire buffer, we can use stride we got from gbm_bo as the client
// should be able to handle it
if (srcSize <= destSize) {
streamStride = stride;
// Fallback to fixed minimum stride, which should be (width * bpp)
} else if (minSrcSize == destSize) {
streamStride = minStride;
} else {
qCWarning(XdgDesktopPortalKdeScreenCastStream) << "Failed to record frame: got buffer with higher stride than we can handle";
pw_stream_queue_buffer(pwStream, buffer);
return false;
......@@ -571,7 +581,7 @@ bool ScreenCastStream::recordFrame(gbm_bo *bo, quint32 width, quint32 height, qu
spa_buffer->datas[0].chunk->offset = 0;
spa_buffer->datas[0].chunk->size = spa_buffer->datas[0].maxsize;
spa_buffer->datas[0].chunk->stride = destStride;
spa_buffer->datas[0].chunk->stride = streamStride;
pw_stream_queue_buffer(pwStream, buffer);
return true;
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