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[RISCV][ReleaseNotes] Added LLVM and Clang release notes for RISC-V 15.0.0

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......@@ -662,6 +662,20 @@ Arm and AArch64 Support in Clang
Operations found in the :ref:`Clang Language Extensions <Vector Operations>`
RISC-V Support in Clang
- Updates to the RISC-V vector intrinsics to align with ongoing additions to
the RISC-V Vector intrinsics specification. Additionally, these intrinsics
are now generated lazily, resulting a substantial improvement in
compile-time for code including the vector intrinsics header.
- Intrinsics added for the RISC-V scalar crypto ('K') extensions.
- Intrinsics added for the RISC-V CLZ and CTZ instructions in the Zbb
- An ABI lowering bug (resulting in incorrect LLVM IR generation) was fixed.
The bug could be triggered in particular circumstances in C++ when passing a
data-only struct that inherits from another struct.
SPIR-V Support in Clang
......@@ -195,7 +195,32 @@ AIX improvements:
Changes to the RISC-V Backend
* The Zvfh extension was added.
* A RISCVRedundantCopyElimination pass was added to remove unnecessary zero
* A RISC-V specific CodeGenPrepare pass was added.
* The machine outliner was enabled by default for RISC-V at ``-Oz``.
Additionally, the newly introduced RISCVMakeCompressible pass will make
modify instructions prior to emission at ``-Oz`` in order to increase
opportunities for the compression with the RISC-V C extension.
* Various bug fixes and improvements to code generation for the RISC-V vector
* Various improvements were made to RISC-V specific optimisation passes such
as RISCVSExtWRemoval and RISCVMergeBaseOffset.
* llc now computes the target ABI based on the target architecture using the
same logic as Clang if not explicit ABI is given.
* ``generic`` is now recognized as a valid CPU name and is mapped to
``generic-rv32`` or ``generic-rv64`` depending on the target triple.
* Support for the experimental Zvfh extension was added, enabling
half-precision floating point in vectors.
* Support for the Zihintpause (Pause Hint) extension.
* Assembler and disassembler support for the Zfinx and Zdinx (float / double
in integer register) extensions.
* Assembler and disassembler support for the Zicbom, Zicboz, and Zicbop cache
management operation extensions.
* Support for the Zmmul extension (a subextension of the M extension, adding
multiplication instructions only).
* Assembler and disassembler support for the hypervisor extension and for the
Sinval supervisor memory-management extension.
Changes to the WebAssembly Backend
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