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Added an answer about running the tests.

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......@@ -138,6 +138,20 @@ LLVM: Frequently Asked Questions
cases, this takes care of the problem. To do this, just type <tt>make
clean</tt> and then <tt>make</tt> in the directory that fails to build.
<dt><b>I've built LLVM and am testing it, but the tests freeze.</b>
This is most likely occurring because you built a profile or release
(optimized) build of LLVM and have not specified the same information on
the <tt>gmake</tt> command line.
For example, if you built LLVM with the command:
<tt>gmake ENABLE_PROFILING=1</tt>
...then you must run the tests with the following commands:
<tt>cd llvm/test<br>gmake ENABLE_PROFILING=1</tt>
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