Commit 8bf52f35 authored by Paul Lemire's avatar Paul Lemire
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QTextureLoader: reset target and format on source change

Could otherwise prevent reloading the content of the texture
when the generator/source changes

Change-Id: I5cf3389792032ba7a85a111f04dd4670a3091683
Reviewed-by: Mike Krus's avatarMike Krus <>
parent 3c9a56d4
......@@ -1483,6 +1483,11 @@ void QTextureLoader::setSource(const QUrl& source)
if (source != d->m_source) {
d->m_source = source;
// Reset target and format
d->m_target = TargetAutomatic;
const bool blocked = blockNotifications(true);
emit sourceChanged(source);
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