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Update dependencies on 'dev' in qt/qt3d

Change-Id: I16dae77881a3b52c2f48fb592ecf51bcad8e967c
Reviewed-by: default avatarSimon Hausmann <>
parent 8b21fd90
ref: 6e3b5801d26dc186066155202847342782bf653b
ref: dff3843d98d52e2c32fea07371f91117de0667e9
required: true
ref: 28213a0d6aca38f7f3d2b65d2a5e6a52fa1a7256
ref: 033e797aa5c58bb8f306f82292da272e60fa2fa1
required: false
ref: a8bbdb71bf8d3292f32526a964adba26e83438bf
ref: 5fe6fd206f4aef1cb1ee9c328ee27e25e6b44f4a
required: false
ref: d5b8e57f37c67fbcb7a2428321f50d96fadf17ce
ref: b9b0e50aa3b7ff7c4b39bdb84e6c0b8027447fb8
required: false
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