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Update dependencies on 'dev' in qt/qt3d

Change-Id: I905da026d56b7c724a538b69e0a0735b9ae75309
Reviewed-by: default avatarSimon Hausmann <>
parent 354687eb
dependencies: dependencies:
../qtbase: ../qtbase:
ref: 721a0e807881e4d00e752e3c3cf62427eb681dd2 ref: e164d61ca8263fc4b46fdd916e1ea77c7dd2b735
required: true required: true
../qtdeclarative: ../qtdeclarative:
ref: c441e5316437dfa3517306992ce810c99f20eed4 ref: 803f18f02e5609a1ca00a5b78ea6d3613d44e1a0
required: false required: false
../qtgamepad: ../qtgamepad:
ref: d46acd559060f5d3c8fdf0b18cc2782a154125ce ref: 54c6ca337fe37e6d951438fa6f2ff3c7667a2392
required: false required: false
../qtimageformats: ../qtimageformats:
ref: 8ba0cdae38062949be3531469323662ccc78504c ref: 89caeeb5bd5e34242afc76e71868deb1b2874af0
required: false required: false
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