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    Qt xcb: remove false detects of Qt::GroupSwitchModifier · 25a7034d
    Aleksei Nikiforov authored
    In some cases, if X11 is configured with CapsLock as
    keyboard language switch key, and CapsLock is toggled
    via Shift+CapsLock key combination,
    toggled CapsLock is falsely detected as Qt::GroupSwitchModifier
    for subsequent key events.
    This change fixes this false detect,
    but doesn't fix detection of Qt::GroupSwitchModifier
    which is likely still broken.
    Fixes: QTBUG-49771
    Pick-to: 5.15 6.0 6.1
    Change-Id: I485e2d4f3c654707c62adaba367c1b8afb3fc36c
    Reviewed-by: default avatarLiang Qi <liang.qi@qt.io>