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    qfloat16: Check in the tables to Git · 5e40d3d9
    Thiago Macieira authored
    It's a 38k source file, which makes it MUCH smaller than other generated
    files like qlocale_data_p.h (982k) and qunicodetables.cpp (718k). The
    constants are platform-independent, since they are defined by IEEE 754,
    so they will never change.
    The generator tool is moved to util/ and removed from the build. That's
    one fewer bootstrapped tool to have to worry about.
    The output file is committed as .cpp so it won't get installed.
    Fixes: QTBUG-76165
    Change-Id: I2b1955a995ad40f3b89afffd15a3ded58dc3e35f
    Reviewed-by: default avatarAllan Sandfeld Jensen <allan.jensen@qt.io>
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