Commit c9543da6 authored by Sona Kurazyan's avatar Sona Kurazyan Committed by Antonio Rojas
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Remove the unnecessary template parameter from the class specialization

This seems to cause errors when compiling with gcc-11. Although this is
most likely a compiler bug, specifiying the template parameter type in
this case isn't necessary.

Fixes: QTBUG-91909
Fixes: QTBUG-90568
Change-Id: Ib231257ccb2e16cc533f23ca5840d31e26a66d53
Reviewed-by: default avatarMårten Nordheim <>
(cherry picked from commit 659f7a06

Reviewed-by: default avatarQt Cherry-pick Bot <>
(cherry picked from commit 049e1487)
parent 97bf6942
......@@ -247,8 +247,8 @@ template <>
class ThreadEngineStarter<void> : public ThreadEngineStarterBase<void>
ThreadEngineStarter<void>(ThreadEngine<void> *_threadEngine)
:ThreadEngineStarterBase<void>(_threadEngine) {}
ThreadEngineStarter(ThreadEngine<void> *_threadEngine)
: ThreadEngineStarterBase<void>(_threadEngine) {}
void startBlocking()
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