Commit d797a04a authored by Jan Arve Saether's avatar Jan Arve Saether Committed by Jan Arve Sæther
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Speed up printing when drawing opaque primitives.

We only need to merge the rectangles into a region if we are painting
a non-opaque a primitive with alpha.

Performance measurements
Excluding patch: 244686 ms
Including patch:   5070 ms

This is an improvement of 48x (for debug build)

Task-number: QTBUG-48334
Change-Id: I03684c6e7d8a5fb039ea6477ed1a860f09e1b08c
Reviewed-by: default avatarAndy Shaw <>
parent 68ea2f7e
......@@ -376,6 +376,7 @@ QAlphaPaintEnginePrivate::QAlphaPaintEnginePrivate()
......@@ -426,7 +427,14 @@ void QAlphaPaintEnginePrivate::addAlphaRect(const QRectF &rect)
bool QAlphaPaintEnginePrivate::canSeeTroughBackground(bool somethingInRectHasAlpha, const QRectF &rect) const
return somethingInRectHasAlpha && m_dirtyrgn.intersects(rect.toAlignedRect());
if (somethingInRectHasAlpha) {
if (m_dirtyRects.count() != m_numberOfCachedRects) {
m_cachedDirtyRgn.setRects(m_dirtyRects.constData(), m_dirtyRects.count());
m_numberOfCachedRects = m_dirtyRects.count();
return m_cachedDirtyRgn.intersects(rect.toAlignedRect());
return false;
void QAlphaPaintEnginePrivate::drawAlphaImage(const QRectF &rect)
......@@ -99,7 +99,9 @@ public:
QRegion m_alphargn;
QRegion m_cliprgn;
QRegion m_dirtyrgn;
mutable QRegion m_cachedDirtyRgn;
mutable int m_numberOfCachedRects;
QVector<QRect> m_dirtyRects;
bool m_hasalpha;
bool m_alphaPen;
......@@ -115,7 +117,7 @@ public:
QPen m_pen;
void addAlphaRect(const QRectF &rect);
void addDirtyRect(const QRectF &rect) { m_dirtyrgn |= rect.toAlignedRect(); }
void addDirtyRect(const QRectF &rect) { m_dirtyRects.append(rect.toAlignedRect()); }
bool canSeeTroughBackground(bool somethingInRectHasAlpha, const QRectF &rect) const;
QRectF addPenWidth(const QPainterPath &path);
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