Commit b54b20bf authored by Qt Submodule Update Bot's avatar Qt Submodule Update Bot
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Update dependencies on 'dev' in qt/qtlottie

Change-Id: I3f5401d0330436717646c86a6d21f7889c304f9b
Reviewed-by: default avatarQt Submodule Update Bot <>
parent 102b67cb
ref: 15f7ef26b8d2901ded1edf866dfbc32a9ac6042a
ref: 85970834b5be1dda971996a34a1b1f14a4c71fa8
required: true
ref: 7ef9b094c22c8c1f688c36754fa144a3c885ea8a
ref: 5ed8eb091fb4d4c7d26640ab1db4aa79f15893de
required: true
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