Commit 8409043d authored by Fushan Wen's avatar Fushan Wen 💬 Committed by Nate Graham
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taskmanager: Avoid flickering when scrolling in task tooltips

Using `QTimer::singleShot` to call `Backend::updateWindowHighlight` is
effective to avoid unnecessary window highlight updates when scrolling
in task tooltips.

BUG: 446672
parent 45e545df
......@@ -604,7 +604,8 @@ void Backend::windowsHovered(const QVariant &_winIds, bool hovered)
m_windowsToHighlight = _winIds.toStringList();
// Avoid flickering when scrolling in the tooltip
QTimer::singleShot(0, this, &Backend::updateWindowHighlight);
void Backend::updateWindowHighlight()
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