Commit d26cdd2f authored by Michael Palimaka's avatar Michael Palimaka

Remove unused dependency.

REVIEW: 126826
parent 4eefc6af
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ include(CheckIncludeFiles)
check_include_files(malloc.h HAVE_MALLOC_H)
check_include_files(pthread.h HAVE_PTHREAD_H)
find_package(Qt5 CONFIG REQUIRED Core DBus Test Widgets Script Svg Quick)
find_package(Qt5 CONFIG REQUIRED Core DBus Widgets Script Svg Quick)
find_package(KF5 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Archive Bookmarks CoreAddons Config ConfigWidgets
DBusAddons KIO WidgetsAddons Plotting NotifyConfig NewStuff XmlGui Notifications GuiAddons TextWidgets IconThemes DocTools Crash OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS FileMetaData)
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