Commit 5b26dc06 authored by Stefano Bonicatti's avatar Stefano Bonicatti

Correct boost library name for Windows build instructions

Correct another small typo.
parent 9a9b7b52
......@@ -179,11 +179,11 @@ Note for Windows:
With MSVC 2015, the boost library has a name that later on makes the libraries unfindable, so you need to copy them.
cd BUILDROOT\i\lib
copy boost_system-vc-mt-1_55.dll boost_system140-mt-1_55.ddl
copy boost_system-vc-mt-1_55.lib boost_system140-mt-1_55.lib
copy boost_system-vc-mt-1_55.dll boost_system-vc140-mt-1_55.dll
copy boost_system-vc-mt-1_55.lib boost_system-vc140-mt-1_55.lib
On All operatting systems:
On All operating systems:
cmake --build . --config RelWithDebInfo --target ext_png
cmake --build . --config RelWithDebInfo --target ext_tiff
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