Commit bb103a10 authored by L. E. Segovia's avatar L. E. Segovia

AppImage: do not set update information if none is available

ZSYNC_URL is empty if there's no channel set.

cc @amedonosova
parent 0d8510da
......@@ -236,8 +236,11 @@ linuxdeployqt $APPDIR/usr/share/applications/org.kde.krita.desktop \
# Currently, we're skipping linuxdeployqt's automatic image building because it's choosing to ignore the inclusion of QtMultimedia.
# I have an issue pending on linuxdeployqt's github page, but for the time being, manually bundling with appimagetool after linuxdeployqt
# seems to work without any regressions.
appimagetool -u "${ZSYNC_URL}" $APPDIR $BUILD_PREFIX/Krita-$VERSION-$ARCH.AppImage
if [ -z "$ZSYNC_URL"]; then
appimagetool $APPDIR $BUILD_PREFIX/Krita-$VERSION-$ARCH.AppImage
appimagetool -u "${ZSYNC_URL}" $APPDIR $BUILD_PREFIX/Krita-$VERSION-$ARCH.AppImage
# Generate a new name for the Appimage file and rename it accordingly
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