Commit 4790c612 authored by Karl Ove Hufthammer's avatar Karl Ove Hufthammer Committed by Wolthera van Hövell

Remove double space in opacity, flow and size sliders on main toolbar

The sliders had two spaces (e.g. ‘Opacity:  75%’) instead of one
(‘Opacity: 75%’). The extra space seems to be added by accident.
They were at least not present in the original review board request
(, only in the actual commit
parent bd06296f
...@@ -238,9 +238,9 @@ KisPaintopBox::KisPaintopBox(KisViewManager *view, QWidget *parent, const char * ...@@ -238,9 +238,9 @@ KisPaintopBox::KisPaintopBox(KisViewManager *view, QWidget *parent, const char *
slOpacity = m_sliderChooser[i]->addWidget<KisDoubleSliderSpinBox>("opacity"); slOpacity = m_sliderChooser[i]->addWidget<KisDoubleSliderSpinBox>("opacity");
slFlow = m_sliderChooser[i]->addWidget<KisDoubleSliderSpinBox>("flow"); slFlow = m_sliderChooser[i]->addWidget<KisDoubleSliderSpinBox>("flow");
slSize = m_sliderChooser[i]->addWidget<KisDoubleSliderSpinBox>("size"); slSize = m_sliderChooser[i]->addWidget<KisDoubleSliderSpinBox>("size");
slOpacity->setPrefix(QString("%1 ").arg(i18n("Opacity:"))); slOpacity->setPrefix(QString("%1 ").arg(i18n("Opacity:")));
slFlow->setPrefix(QString("%1 ").arg(i18n("Flow:"))); slFlow->setPrefix(QString("%1 ").arg(i18n("Flow:")));
slSize->setPrefix(QString("%1 ").arg(i18n("Size:"))); slSize->setPrefix(QString("%1 ").arg(i18n("Size:")));
} }
else { else {
slOpacity = m_sliderChooser[i]->addWidget<KisDoubleSliderSpinBox>("opacity", i18n("Opacity:")); slOpacity = m_sliderChooser[i]->addWidget<KisDoubleSliderSpinBox>("opacity", i18n("Opacity:"));
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