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      Added built-in performance logging into Krita · 78bb7ed3
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      Brief instructions:
      1) Add 'enablePerfLog=true' into your kritarc
      2) Start/restart Krita to enable it
      3) Choose your problematic image/preset
      4) Do as many strokes as you can. Of different speed and size
      5) You will get './log/' folder where the preset and the log are stored
      6) Run krita/sdk/plot_strokes_statistics to visualize the data
      Still TODO:
      1) Measure how much time is spent on openGL loading and updating part
         of pipeline.
      2) Write a detailed manual for users about how to generate this log
      3) Dump some hardware info, like CPU, GPU, dirver version and so on.