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2002-12-23 Andr Wbbeking <>
* All dialogs:
- Inherit from KDialogBase instead of QDialog
-> less code and more KDE standard compliant.
- removed layout leftovers from old Qt versions.
- reduced header dependences.
2002-12-19 Christian Loose <>
* Replace deprecated QMultiLineEdit with KTextEdit in
......@@ -18,6 +26,16 @@
* Added first version of cvs DCOP service
2002-12-14 Andr Wbbeking <>
* Removed ListViewItem. Use Q/KListViewItem instead.
2002-12-14 Andr Wbbeking <>
* ProtocolView::appendLine(): removed trailing <br>
as QTextEdit::append() already adds a new paragraph.
Detect "U " as remote changed file.
2002-12-12 Christian Loose <>
* Fix the too small scroll area of diff view when
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