Commit 5c5c363e authored by André Wöbbeking's avatar André Wöbbeking
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remove unneeded slotOpenSandbox().

svn path=/trunk/kdesdk/cervisia/; revision=194562
parent b8ce8618
......@@ -119,16 +119,6 @@ void CervisiaShell::setupActions()
action->setWhatsThis( hint );
void CervisiaShell::slotOpenSandbox()
QString dirname = KFileDialog::getExistingDirectory(QDir::homeDirPath(), this,
i18n("Open Sandbox"));
if (dirname.isEmpty())
void CervisiaShell::slotConfigureKeys()
KKeyDialog::configureKeys( actionCollection(), xmlFile() );
......@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ public:
void restorePseudo(const QString &dirname);
public slots:
void slotOpenSandbox();
void slotConfigureKeys();
void slotConfigureToolBars();
void slotExit();
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